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NDE Visual presents the Free Demo of “The Deadline”: a wacky Visual Novel where the writer... is you!

Picture it: you're a young writer who has just finished writing his first novel. Now it's time to party, right? Not so fast! You just found out you have to completely rewrite it, and you only have 8 days to do so! Impossible? Not if you have your own characters by your side - but will you be able to satisfy their weird demands?

In “The Deadline,” a Visual Novel developed by NDE Visual, a team of Italian writers, publishers, and artists, you will take on the role of Ramfis, a wannabe writer in his twenties with a mess of a life, and you'll have the chance (and duty) to rewrite his novel according to your choices. But to do so, you’ll have to face the judgement... of your own characters! Are you ready to endure Scott's annoying blabbering, Dee Dee's terrifying threats, Barry's disgusting jokes, and Elizabeth's witty banter? And in the end, will you be able to write a novel that pleases everyone?

If you ever, at least once in your life, thought about writing a novel, "The Deadline" will let you realize your dreams! As Ramfis, you will live through the joys and sorrows, hopes and frustrations of a young writer in the grip of his own characters, subjected to their tribulations and ambitions. And if you don't care much about writing, fear not: with the colorful cast and absurd situations into which the poor writer will be dragged, laughter will not be scarce!

The full version will be available before the end of 2018! In the meantime, you can download the Free Demo (which includes the intro and Day One)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNDE Visual
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComedy, comfy, Coming Of Age, Funny, Meme, oelvn, satire, Story Rich, vn


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Install instructions

Just extract the archive and run "The Deadline Demo" executable, easy peasy!

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